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Jul 30
it reminds me of the scenes from the doctor’s office in Strangers with Candy, where the penicillin is powerless against the adorable STDs. Also everything reminds me of Strangers with Candy.

They filmed a goodly portion of the Strangers with Candy movie at my high school!

Also, the video for Nada Surf’s “Popular.” And, apparently, the classroom scenes in the video for "Jeremy."

The thing I don’t like about these Abilify ads is that the protagonist always winds up in a doctor’s office, and the doctor shows a movie of herself dictating the side effect information. Why doesn’t she just nix the film and talk to her patient directly? 

I don’t have a problem saying that I liked The Village.

Jul 27


“This blog is popular enough to have been turned into an Urban Outfitters book.”

Ha ha ha ha ew.

God, I can’t wait to be out of my twenties.

Jul 26
“Senate Republicans offered a competing bill to extend all of the Bush tax cuts for one year, but the measure was defeated 45-54. Sen. Mark Pryor (D-AR) crossed the aisle to voted with most Republicans in support of that legislation. Sens. Scott Brown (R-MA) and Susan Collins (R-ME) voted with Democrats.” I can’t wait to see the Scott Brown ads touting how much of a party-bucking, aisle-crossing maverick he is. Those ads will, of course, ignore the fact that Brown voted in lock-step with the Republicans on the bill that was always destined to pass.

I’ve seen a number of live Sportscenter cut-ins from Broncos training camp

And not once have I heard mentioned that Peyton Manning has fewer Super Bowl rings than his baby brother. It’s a relevant fact!

Jul 24

summer of boyofdestiny

If I told you folks that I was starting a month of vacation and I’m not sure how to occupy my time, would you actually put questions in my stupid ask box?

Jul 20

Welp, time to surrender my computer to my replacement. See you bozos next week.

Last day at the ol’ office.